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SMA Microfilm Cameras




  • A0 & A1 Size Microfilm Camera.
  • Camera Head – 360 Degrees rotatable.
  • Height Adjustment - Motorized pre selection as perOriginal– 7.4x, 10.5x, 14.8x, 21x, 29.7x, 32x.
  • Lens – Zeiss S – Biogon F – 40mm
  • Colour Filming – Optional colour attachment
  • Shutter Speed –¾ Sec fixed
  • Digital Counter
  • 0Blip – 1-3 levels blip – optional
  • Book Cradle upto 25cm thickness
  • Foot pedal available

Recommended by international agencies
Microfilm is the only scientifically proven media for permanent storage of data

Knowledge Centre
  • Why Microfilm
  • Digital v/s Mirofilm
  • Mirofilm in India
  • HIstory of Mirofilm
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