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Microfilm Archive Writer

SMA produces digital microfilm convertors which are the best and used in major archives world over. The digital technology helps in achieving high quality output, manintain equi distance between frames and uniform denisty through out the film roll

SMA 51- Digital Microfilm Archive Writer

Digital Archive Writer from SMA Germany

SMA 51- Digital Microfilm Archive Writer
  • Scanned Images or digitally born images to Microform
  • High Speed @ 1200 frames/Hour
  • High Quality Sharp Images Produced
  • Automatic Indexing using File Number / Name
  • Uniform density throughout the roll produced
  • Equal distance maintained between frames
  • Raster Processed Images converted to Microfilm
  • Quad Mode for A0 Size Drawings
  • 3 Levels of Blips
  • Formats Tiff, PDF, JPEG, doc, xls etc.


  • 16mm roll & 35mm Roll
  • Microfiche - 24x, 35x, 42x, 50x, 52x Zoom
  • Speed 1200 frames per hour
  • Fully Automatic Processing
  • Negative & Positive microfilming
  • Quad Mode

Microfilm is the only scientifically proven media for permanent storage of data

Original Document size recommended for Microfilming

  • 16mm Microfilm Roll – A5, A4, A3 & A2 Size Originals
  • 35mm Microfilm Roll – A5 to A0 Size Originals to Microfilm
  • Both Negative & Positive Master produced.

Microfilm Storage Capacity

  • Microfilm Roll – 35mm – 670 Images (A4 – A0 size)
  • Microfilm Roll – 16mm – 2400 Images (A4 & A2 size).
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